The Greatest News Story

Book of Acts - Part 6

May 28, 2023
Book of Acts



Embark on a transformative journey through Peter's profound sermon at Pentecost, as recounted in Acts 2:22-36. This sermon explores the compelling evidence of Jesus' resurrection, the fulfillment of ancient prophecies, the living testimonies of believers, and the active presence of the Holy Spirit. Discover how these interwoven truths boldly affirm Jesus as both Lord and Messiah, and challenge us to embody these truths in our daily lives. This message isn't just about understanding the past; it's about activating our faith today. Together, let's move from being passive pew-sitters to vibrant, Spirit-led witnesses, echoing the transformation that happened at Pentecost in our contemporary world. Get ready to embrace a faith that's not only personal but powerfully communal, as we become the Witnessing Church Christ called us to be.

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