No Other Name

Book of Acts - Part 10

July 2, 2023
Book of Acts



The sermon "No Other Name" unpacks Acts 4:5-12, focusing on the bold proclamation of the Apostles Peter and John before the Sanhedrin and the powerful significance of the name of Jesus Christ. We explore the healing power and exclusive salvation provided by Jesus, whose name carries authority and dominion above all others. The sermon then draws parallels to modern examples of Christian courage, illustrating the continued relevance and power of Jesus' name in our lives today.

The sermon underscores the exclusivity of Jesus as the cornerstone and only path to salvation, presenting a challenge to place our trust solely in Him in a world filled with alternative 'truths.' It calls on the congregation to live boldly in their faith, represent Jesus' name well, and continually trust in His name. The sermon concludes by inviting individuals to affirm or reaffirm their commitment to Jesus, providing practical, action-oriented steps for believers to apply the message to their everyday lives.

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